EtherSec A-Eye

Smart technology for advanced security.

Utilizing next generation technology, A-Eye provides real-time safety and security with better accuracy, constant monitoring and integration with your current installation.

A Next Generation System

Unequalled in the safety and security industry, Ethersec A-Eye is an intelligent and accurate video analytics solution. Powered by a next generation artificial intelligence system, Ethersec A-Eye can accurately detect people and only people – running, walking or crawling – even in challenging environments such as heavy rain, moving vegetation and low/no light. With remote access, fast reviews lead to preventive protection for organizations of any size.

World Leader in Accuracy

Say good-bye to false alarms. A-Eye is a highly advanced self learning system which provides real time protection with 98% accuracy.

Easy Installation and Integration

EtherSec A-Eye is fast and easy to install. There are with no complex rules for cameras at set-up. A-Eye seamlessly integrates with third party software applications such as RFID, facial and object recognition and other systems easily available in the market.

Always On

Securing areas with guards is expensive and even skilled CCTV operators can only maintain effective surveillance for a short span of time. A-Eye monitors 24/7/365 without looking the other way or losing concentration and requires minimal intervention.

Lower Cost, Better Protection

With it’s artificial intelligence, EtherSec A-Eye, cuts security costs associated with hiring security guards and installing new systems. Plus, increased accuracy transforms operations and increases safety and security.

We integrate with the world’s leading systems.

Monitor live feeds and respond to alarms from your smartphone, tablet or computer anywhere in the world.

Audio warnings to deter trespassers entering secure zones, and intruders before they can cause damage.

Continuous video recording for months with easy retrieval and review.

Looking for a smarter security system that works harder?

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